Your Experience With Hypnosis To Quit Smoking

Hypnosis for quitting smoking works wonders 

It takes the urge away from you wanting to smoke, some of the trouble is however that you experience various things in your body which can feel uncomfortable if you don’t handle it correctly, one of these things are your engery levels.

When you first quit smoking, what happens is that your bodies glucose levels start to drain as the nicotine exits your system.

This early fall in nicotine results in a feeling of a low energy state. When you feel low in energy, the amount of willpower you have also drops, making it that much more tempting to pick up your pack of smokes and start smoking again.

So how can you boost your energy levels?

With Lemon? Yes.

Lemon is great it is the most alkaline of all foods. Alkaline foods are the most tender and healthy for our bodies.

I consume lemon juice every morning – it’s one of the first things I do after brushing my teeth.

I use water that is filtered  with juice from a fresh lemon; Some people have it in warm water, other add it to their tea. So whichever way you want to do it is fine.

You might like to incorporate a small quantity of honey if you want it a bit sweeter.

Whatever you do, try it! It’s a new habit that is fantastic to enter into because it has soo many wonderful benefits for your body.


What else can you do?

Green Smoothies – Drink them…

They’re so flavorful, quick and simple to make! One of my go-to’s is:

One banana, half a mango, 1 cup baby spinach, 1 cup filtered water, 1 cup coconut water.

Blend that up and boom.. tastes amazing and makes about 3 glasses.

Mix this up with seasonal fruits, and varies types of greens, the more green the more dense nutrients you’ll get into your body, which will boost your energy levels.

So when you plan on going to a hypnotist to get cured for smoking addiction, make sure to plan ahead and have the right fruits and veggies on hand at home so you can combat the low energy level and make the whole experience even more effective.






How Outbound Links can Improve Your Site

An outbound link links from your website to another website, anywhere on the internet. Can they help your site?

Your site is the backbone to your online business, and social media is very important to target traffic from there to your site. With outbound links, you do not want to be pushing people away from your site, because once again your site is the backbone to your business.

As crazy as it sounds, outbound links help your site. They may have the possibility to push customers away, but outbound links is something that search engines look for. Search engines stay in business by a number of things, but they love seeing outbound links on or to your site.

There are do’s and don’t’s with outbound linking. You do not want to link to a spammy website, it’s only going to hurt you. you DO want to link to a powerful and trusted site. Possibly talk about related items to the product, something that interest your readers. That is what helps your site.

An option of outbound linking, is to sprinkle your site with outbound links such as your Facebook, Twitter,, LinkedIn, Youtube, and many more social sites, as long as you’re not overloading them with links.

A short video is listed below of ways to outbound link. I hope you enjoy. 🙂